Metrocrest Social Services


Executive Commitee

Jamie Robertson, Chair Susan Watson, Past Chair
Richard Fleming, Treasurer Beccy Ratliff, Secretary

Non-officers: Andy Folmer, Mary Ann Burns

Governance Commitee

The Governance Committee provides general oversight and recommendations to the Board to help assure that the operations of the Board and the performance of the CEO are in accordance with the Mission of the Agency.

Jamie Robertson, Chair Gary Blanscet*
Craig Woodfield* John Oliver*
Susan Watson R. Wayne Saunders*
John Roppolo* Jack Stotz
* Non-board members

Staff: Tracy Eubanks & Nicole Newkham   

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is committed to providing timely, relevant, accurate, clear and complete financial information and support to the Board of Directors that align with the objectives of the organization.

Richard Fleming, Chair Anthony Hill*
Craig Woodfield* Susan Watson
Lou Sartor* Paul Crooks*
Dianne Fletcher Andy Dastur

* Non-Board members

Staff: Charlie Lindner, Kathy Blaschke & Nicole Newkham

Technology Commitee

The Technology Committee is responsible for ensuring that the organization’s technology infrastructure needs are frequently evaluated and that improvements are effectively planned, installed and reviewed post implementation to support the mission of the organization.

Diane Moreau-Randall, Chair
Anthony Hill*
Andy Folmer
Peter Kazmier*

* Non-Board members

Staff: Charlie Lindner

Development Committee

The Development Committee will create, implement and oversee a development plan in a manner consistent with the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Mary Ann Burns, Chair
Reggie Carney
John Roppolo*
Sonja Dodds*
Brian Boilla
Jan Rugg*
Tom Cook*
Christina Kinney*

*Non-Board members

Staff: Nicole Newkham & Mike Harris

Program Committee

The Program Committee will expand the awareness of the Board and the public at large of the programs and services offered by Metrocrest Social Services.

Lou Sartor, Chair*
Carol Franzen*
John Pruitt*
Andy Folmer
Margie Gunther
Beccy Ratliff
Joyce Frazier*
Kenny Dickson

* Non-Board members

Staff: Ofelia Zamora, Kathy Blaschke, & Bev Grimley

 For additional information regarding Board Committees, contact Tracy Eubanks at 972-446-2100.