Metrocrest Social Services


Here's What Community Supporters Say

  • "You fill so many hearts during all seasons."
    Marty Robinson, Carrollton
  • "I am grateful for the support provided to families at my school. Many of our students are experiencing the fallout of our weak economy. Metrocrest Services is there when parents need help."  Debbie Moss, Davis Elementary 
  • "On my first visit to Metrocrest, I saw one of the local councilmen carrying groceries to a client's car. That really moved me...about how real Metrocrest is! ...The clients get treated with respect - at a time when they need it most. I think this is so important! And the clients think so too. We have a high rate of "returns" - that is to return the favor! I've been there when the single mom dropped by to 'pay back' by giving Metrocrest a gas gift certificate for $25 - she can afford it now and was passing it on. The stories are endless, the need is too." Paula Jandura, Community Volunteer
  • "We are very proud that Metrocrest Services calls Farmers Branch home...they are doing very good work."  Gary Greer, Former City Manager, Farmers Branch, TX
  • "Metrocrest Services does the best job of helping people who are down on their luck and, most importantly, they do so in an accountable manner. None of us are above personal disaster in our lives. I give knowing my investment will be leveraged to the maximum to assist people genuinely in need." Leonard Martin, former City Manager, Carrollton TX
  • The Metrocrest Services Back to School Extravaganza was a testament to the statement 'Schools cannot do it alone.' We value our partnership with Metrocrest Services. Dr. Bobby Burns, Former Superintendent, Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District
This simple bottle of laundry detergent was a donation many years ago from a grateful former client.

Clients Tell Their Stories

  • "You were so kind and patient with me yesterday at the pantry. I was so nervous about this appointment. The night before I thought about how hard it would be to walk thru and select food items...would I take too many; would you think me greedy. I was so ashamed but you took all of the fear and shame away." Client
  • "A lot of times it's the only way I get through until I get my disability check." Client
  • "When our backs are against the wall, you’ve always been there to help my family…and for that I just want to thank you."   Client

  • "I remember what it was like to be without food and many, many times I wished I would have had some soap for washing...this is kinda like a pay back. ..I hope this soap will help someone." Someone that remembers (see photo at right)
  • "I remember just breaking down and crying and telling her my story and how I had to pick which bill to beg for..." Tamikia    Listen as Tamikia shares her story  (VIDEO)
  • "My gratitude...is so deep I lack words adequately to express it. I'll just say Thanks, and ask you to imagine it underlined a thousand times for each of you. I thank God for all of you who...carry within your names and deeds an outflow of empathy and compassion."  Travis
  • "It helps me a lot since my budget is really low and I can't afford to buy some foods I'd like to buy, like vegetables and fruits."  Mother of a young Sack Summer Hunger recipient
Read more of our clients' testimonials here.

Churches and faith-based groups representing many denominations support our aid efforts.

Faith-based Groups are Valued Partners

  • "Metrocrest Social Services is where we choose to concentrate our community service. They treat those in need as clients, not as victims, and they treat them with respect. They answer the needs of people on the edge of homelessness and enable them to find stability. We are proud to associate ourselves with Metrocrest."
    Harold Elias-Perciful, First Christian Church, Carrollton

  • "We choose to partner with Metrocrest Social Services because they provide vital emergency services to our community. Metrocrest’s great staff is committed to their mission and provides us excellent volunteer service opportunities."
    Christ United Methodist Church, Farmers Branch
  • “Metrocrest Services has been a bright spot in our community for over thirty years.  Each year it has found a way to expand its services and bring much needed help to our community.  As a former board member and president, I have always been proud to represent Metrocrest Services.”
    Rev. Dennis Hamilton, Horizon Unitarian Universalist, Carrollton 

Volunteers Choose to Have a Local Impact

  • "I choose to volunteer at MSS because of the variety of programs available to families and because of the volunteers that I get to share this experience with. The interactions I have with families provides a feeling of giving back to the community."  Robert Torrez, Volunteer

  • "Volunteering at MSS provides me that extra special good feeling that I’ve contributed to our community and helped someone who is experiencing  hard times. Helping those less fortunate makes it all worthwhile." John Davidson, Volunteer 
  • "We enjoy “sharing our spirit” at Metrocrest, it lifts our spirits to see the positive impact in the lives of people trying to get back on their feet!"  Amy Marhoefer, Southwest Airlines
  • "I like helping pepole"  Quetzalli, age 9
  • "Our family helping other families!" the Canada family

Corporate Sponsors are Vital Partners

  • "We are so thankful to be able to come alongside this organization and give back in this way to our community!'    
    J Renee' Shoes
  • "...our office had a great time participating in our friendly food drive competition to support Metrocrest Services. We had 8 teams competing to donate the most food, and our Customer Service Department took first place. In total, we collected 3,661 lbs. of food!"
    Sarah, NTA Life